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ExpatriAction makes French accessible and engaging for every foreign employee in France.

Expertise in the education of French as a Second Language (FSL) and professional French – guaranteed effective and user-friendly and adapted to all nationalities and cultures

Progression and motivation through a variety of lessons, including individual and group; in-person and virtual, and through practical and work-related situations

Adjustments to pace, duration, program, and support at your request

Consult us for financing options by your OPCO

For individuals and families

Only you !

Group workshops

Practical and enjoyable !

Immersion in small groups for networking, cooking classes, visits to art galleries, and professional meetups around a cup of tea, coffee, or a little rosé from Provence.

Goal : speak with different people in varying situations

Personalized programs

 Customized for the individual ! 

We will personally accompany you at any moment to help you accomplish whatever you may need.

Goal : easy and accurate written and oral communication

Play and learn

For children over 4 years old and adolescents, Expatri Action has designed an engaging method for French instruction, inspired by the Montessori / and action-oriented education approach.

Goal : encourage children to enjoy and appreciate learning

Administrative processes

Never alone !

Expatri Action helps you avoid the hassle of administrative tasks

Residency permits, Carte Vitale, health insurance and healthcare coverage, registration of micro-enterprises – you will learn where to begin and how to become autonomous when dealing with legal
obligations, both immediate and recurring.

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